Need help discovering Life Purpose?

The three ways of looking at life purpose are by considering the past, present, and future. The past can provide clues to one’s life purpose, the present can show what brings satisfaction and happiness, and the future is full of possibilities.

Hi, I am Coach Vladimir

I am a Certified Life Purpose Coach & NLP Practitioner


01 Myths

The main limiting beliefs & misconceptions about Life Purpose and Calling

02 Roles

How have the roles we are playing impacted our lives & what we’ve become

03 Talents

What Talents & Unique Abilities do we posses that we can leverage going forward

04 Passion

What is the internal fuel behind your most important decisions

05 Values

The principles that guide our actions and decisions

06 Focus Areas

5 main spheres in which an individual desires to succeed

07 Limiting Beliefs

Things that you hold true that prevent you from realising your dreams & desires

08 Goals

Concrete steps you will be taking towards achieving your Life Purpose


I was at a loss of what I wanted to do with my life. I had a lot of ideas but no idea how to make any of them happen. Coach Vladimir helped me realize that it was okay to not know what I wanted and showed me how to start discovering what I might want. With his help, I was able to find my true purpose and now I am happier than I ever thought possible

Maria (Spokesperson)

Working with Vladimir helped me work through some personal issues I’ve been struggling with for a long time. He has an amazing ability to see potential in people and help them reach their goals, both professionally and personally. He’s helped me discover talents and values I never knew I had, and has helped me work through my past, present and future to create a bright future for myself. If you’re looking for someone to help you reach your full potential, Vladimir is the coach for you!

Adrian (Top Manager)