How to get manifest elegance card valorant

How to get manifest elegance card valorant

To purchase the cosmetics, you must acquire and spend a currency called Valorant Points. You can earn Valorant Points by leveling up your Battle Pass or purchasing them directly from the store. The prices for items in the store are as follows:

Valorant Point Prices

100 points = $0.99

500 points = $4.99

1000 points = $9.99

2000 points = $19.99

7000 points = $49.99

14000 points = $99.99

The Valiant store will occasionally have sales where you can get a discount on certain items. For example, they recently had a Black Friday sale where everything in the store was discounted by 20%. Check back often, so you don’t miss out on any good deals!

What is a manifest elegance card?

Manifest elegance cards are a type of cosmetic item in the game Valiant. They are earned by completing certain challenges and can be equipped to show off your accomplishments to other players. When equipped, they will display an elegant border around your in-game name.

How to get a manifest elegance card?

First of all, you must get the Crimson Elite bundle. It is currently the only way to get a manifest elegance card. The bundle costs 13500 Valerie points, a lot, but it includes many other items. The Crimson Elite bundle includes the following items:

-1 gun buddy

-1 melee weapon skin

-1 accent core

-1 agent voice line

-1 spray

-1 player card

-1 quip

-10 contracts

After you have purchased the Crimson Elite bundle, you will find the manifest elegance card in your locker.


In conclusion, the steps to get the manifest elegance card in bold are to play ranked games and climb to rank RTX ambassador or Radiant. Alternatively, you can purchase exclusive hyper-scale edition bundles with the card.