How to get manifest illusion kh25

How to get manifest illusion kh25

In Destiny 2, the Manifest Illusion is a rare kh25 that can drop from any non- boss enemy. It is primarily used forDecrypting Leviathan raid engrams.

To get started, you need to have killed at least 250 enemies in the Leviathan raid. After that, any non-boss enemy has a chance to drop the Manifest Illusion kh25. The higher your power level, the higher the chance of it dropping.

Once you have the Manifest Illusion, take it to Benedict 99-40 in the Tower. He will decrypt it for you and give you a reward. The most common rewards are Leviathan raid armor pieces and weapons. However, Benedict 99-40 will also occasionally give out Exotic engrams. These are very rare and can contain any of Destiny 2’s Exotic weapons or armor pieces.

To increase your chances of getting an Exotic engram from Benedict 99-40, make sure to use a Fireteam Medallion before turning in your Manifest Illusion kh25. This item will increase the chance of Benedict 99-40 giving out an Exotic engram by 400%.

What is Manifest Illusion KH25?

Manifest Illusion KH25 is a rare and powerful item that can be used to create stunning visual effects. It is a transparent, colorless gemstone with a wide variety of applications. While it is most commonly used in the creation of illusion spells and magical items, it can also be used to create more mundane items such as jewelry and decorative objects.

How to get Manifest Illusion KH25

If you are looking for the Manifest Illusion KH25, then you will want to follow the steps below. This guide will help you get this rare and powerful item in the game.

  1. The first thing that you need to do is to find a dungeon that is level 25 or higher. This is important because the Manifest Illusion KH25 can only be found in dungeons that are this level or higher.
  2. Once you have found a dungeon that is level 25 or higher, you will need to enter it and proceed to the boss room.
  3. When you reach the boss room, you will want to defeat the boss and then loot its body for the Manifest Illusion KH25.
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