How to get manifest weapon another eden

How to get manifest weapon another eden

You can obtain a “manifest weapon” in Another Eden by completing certain conditions. You can choose one of four different weapons, each with unique abilities. This guide will show you how to get manifest Weapon another Eden.

First, you need to reach level 60 with any character. Next, you must complete the ” Memories of the Future” quest in Chapter 8. After that, you need to talk to the Guildford blacksmith, who will give you the “Weapon Manifestation” quest.

To complete this quest, you must collect 10,000 Eldarium and 100 Etherite Ore. You can get Eldarium from defeating enemies, and Etherite Ore can be obtained from mining nodes in dungeons. Once you have all the materials, take them back to the blacksmith, and he will forge your manifest Weapon.

Now it’s time to choose your Weapon! You can choose between a sword, staff, bow, or gun. Each Weapon has unique abilities, so choose carefully based on your needs. Good luck!

What is Manifest Weapon?

Manifest Weapon is a weapon that can be obtained in Another Eden. It is a special type of Weapon that can be used by any character regardless of class.

To get a Manifest Weapon, you must first complete the “Another Dungeon” quest. This quest is unlocked after completing the “Bonds of Destiny” main story quest. Once you have completed the “Another Dungeon” quest, you will need to talk to the blacksmith in Sharilton to start the process of creating your Manifest Weapon.

The blacksmith will require you to gather some special materials before he can start working on your Manifest Weapon. The materials needed are:

  • 1x Proof of Courage
  • 1x Gold ore
  • 1x Mithril ore
  • 1x Orichalcum ore
  • 1x Damascus steel

Once you have gathered all the materials, talk to the blacksmith again, and he will start working on your Manifest Weapon. It will take him some time to finish, so check back with him regularly until it is complete.

How to Get Manifest Weapon in Another Eden

Once you’ve completed the main story of Another Eden, you’ll have the option to start working towards getting your character’s Manifest Weapon. Here’s a quick guide on how to do it.

First, you’ll need to reach level 95 with your character. Once you’ve done that, speak to Shera in the Another Dungeon to begin the process. She’ll send you on a quest to collect some powerful weapons from around the game world.

Once you’ve collected all the weapons, head back to Shera, and she’ll combine them into your Manifest Weapon. You can use it just like any other weapon in Another Eden!


To sum it up, to get the manifest Weapon in Another Eden, you will need to:

1) Complete the quest “The Power of Time.”

2) Defeat the boss “Ragnar.”

3) Collect 9999 Chronos Stones

4) Use the Chronos Stones to purchase the Weapon from the shop