How to get your crush to like you manifest

How to get your crush to like you manifest

Hey there! So, you’ve got a crush. And you want them to like you back. Well, there’s no guarantee that they will, but there are some things you can do to increase the chances that they will develop feelings for you too.

First and foremost, it’s important to be yourself. Your crush is attracted to you because they like YOU, not some made-up version of you. So don’t try to be someone you’re not. Just relax and let your natural awesomeness shine through.

Another important thing is to make sure you’re spending time with your crush in a way that allows for conversation and connection. This means hanging out in a group setting probably isn’t cut it. You want one-on-one or small group time where you can get to know each other better.

Finally, putting a little extra effort into your appearance never hurts when you know you’ll be seeing your crush. A new outfit or hairstyle can give you a boost of confidence that you’ll come across when speaking with them.

So go ahead and give these tips a try. The worst that can happen is they don’t work… but the best that can happen is the start of an amazing relationship!

The psychology of attraction

Most people think getting someone to like them is about being attractive, but that’s not necessarily true. There are a lot of psychological factors that go into attraction. If you understand how attraction works, you can put yourself in a much better position to get your crush to like you.

The importance of eye contact

Eye contact is one of the most important aspects of body language and can be very helpful in attracting someone you like. Making eye contact with someone shows that you are interested in them and are paying attention to them. It can also make you seem more trustworthy, confident, and attractive.

If you want to make a good impression on your crush, try to make eye contact with them whenever possible. This doesn’t mean that you should stare at them all the time, but if you catch their eye across the room, hold their gaze for a few seconds before looking away. You can also try smiling when you make eye contact, making you seem friendly and approachable.

In addition to making eye contact, other body language cues can help you attract your crush. Try standing up straight and tall, making you seem more confident. You can also try leaning slightly towards your crush when talking to them, showing interest in what they have to say. Additionally, try to mirror your crush’s body language; if they cross their arms, cross yours too. This will create a connection between you and make them more likely to like you back.

The power of body language

The psychology of attraction is a complex topic that scientists have spent decades trying to understand. In the early 1990s, Dr. Robert Cialdini performed a study on the science of persuasion and published a book called Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. In it, he discusses the six Universal Principles of Persuasion, repeatedly proven by psychological research.

One of these principles is known as the likability factor, which states that people are more likely to be persuaded by someone they like. This principle is based on the idea that we tend to trust people who are similar to us, as well as people who make us feel good about ourselves.

We can use this knowledge to our advantage by making an effort to appear more likable to our crush. One way to do this is through body language. Studies have shown that certain types of body language can make us appear more attractive and likable to others.

For example, one study found that women who adopt an expansive posture (i.e., taking up more space with their arms and legs) are seen as more attractive. In contrast, women who adopt a constrictive posture (i.e., folding their arms and legs) are less attractive. Another study found that men who make direct eye contact with women are seen as more attractive, while men who avoid eye contact are seen as less attractive.

So if you want to increase your chances of getting your crush to like you back, focus on using positive body language that makes you appear open, friendly, and confident.

The role of scent

When it comes to attraction, scent plays an important role. A recent study showed that men who used a particular cologne were rated more attractive to women. The cologne contained pheromones, which are chemicals that are known to affect human behavior.

While the study was small, it does suggest that there is a connection between scent and attraction. So if you want to try and increase your chances of getting your crush to like you, using a scented body lotion or cologne could be a good idea.

Steps to take to get your crush to like you

Make eye contact

There’s no use in pining after someone who doesn’t know you exist. If you’re hoping to catch your crush’s eye, you’ll need to put yourself in their line of sight as often as possible. This means making eye contact with them whenever you can. Smile and hold their gaze for a few seconds longer than you would with anyone else. If they look away, that’s okay – give them another chance next time.


It may seem like a cliché, but it does work—a genuine smile is one of the best ways to show someone that you’re interested in them. When you smile at your crush, they’ll take notice and be more likely to smile back. But don’t just give them a quick or half-hearted smile—give them a big, full-on grin that will let them know you’re truly happy to see them.

Strike up a conversation

If you want your crush to like you, then the best way to start is by conversing with them. This will show them that you’re interested in them and give you a chance to get to know them better. Be sure to ask them about their interests and what they’re passionate about. You can share some things about yourself as well. Just be sure to keep the conversation light and fun. Avoid talking about exes or anything else that might make them feel uncomfortable.


After trying the tips in this guide, you should better understand how to get your crush to like you. Remember to be yourself, be patient, and don’t give up hope!