How to overcome clothes hoarding

How to overcome clothes hoarding

Why do people hoard clothes?

Clothes hoarding is a problem that many people struggle with. There can be a lot of reasons why someone might start hoarding clothes. Maybe they feel like they need a lot of clothes in case of an emergency, or they might feel like they need to keep every piece of clothing they’ve ever owned. Whatever the reason, hoarding clothes can be a problem.

Common reasons for clothes hoarding

There are many reasons why people may start to hoard clothes. For some, it may be a way to deal with anxiety or depression. For others, it may be a way to feel in control when their lives feel out of control. Hoarding can also be a way to hold on to memories or to feel connected to loved ones who are no longer alive.

Some people may start hoarding clothes because they are afraid they will need them someday. Others may start hoarding because they have trouble letting go of things. Some hoard clothes because they think they are too good to get rid of or have sentimental value.

Whatever the reason, hoarding can lead to serious problems. Hoarded clothes can take over your home and make it difficult to live your life normally. Hoarding can also lead to health and safety hazards, such as trip hazards, fire hazards, and pests.

If you or someone you know is struggling with clothes hoarding, help is available. Many resources can offer support and assistance, including therapists specializing in OCD and hoarding behavior, support groups, and hotlines. With the right help, people can learn how to overcome their hoarding behavior and live a more clutter-free life.

How to overcome clothes hoarding

If you’re a clothes hoarder, you probably have a closet full of clothes you never wear. Maybe you have clothes from when you were a different size or clothes you bought but never wore. Whatever the reason, if you’re holding onto clothes you don’t need, it’s time to let them go. In this article, we’ll give you tips on overcoming clothes hoarding.

Steps to take to overcome clothes hoarding

There are many reasons why someone might start hoarding clothes. It may be a way to cope with anxiety or depression for some. For others, it may be a way to keep themselves busy. Whatever the reason, hoarding clothes can be a problem. If you find yourself unable to stop hoarding clothes, there are some steps you can take to overcome your problem.

  1. Recognize that you have a problem. The first step to overcoming any problem is recognizing that you have one. If you find that your home is filled with clothes you never wear or are constantly buying new clothes even though you don’t need them, you may be a hoarder.
  2. Understand why you hoard. Once you recognize a problem, it is important to understand why you are doing it. Are you trying to cope with something? Are you bored? Understanding your reasons for hoarding can help you find other ways to deal with those things instead of hoarding.
  3. Get rid of your hoard. This may seem like an obvious step, but it is important nonetheless. Getting rid of your hoarding will help you see how much stuff you don’t need and how much better your life can be without all the clutter.
  4. Find other ways to deal with your anxiety or depression. If anxiety or depression is the reason behind your hoarding, finding other ways to deal with those issues is important. Talk to a therapist or counselor who can help you learn healthy coping mechanisms.
  5. Keep yourself busy. Sometimes people start hoarding because they are bored and have nothing else to do. If this is the case, try to find other things to occupy your time. Take up a new hobby or join a club or group where you can socialize and make new friends.
  6. When to seek professional help for clothes hoarding.
  7. There is no easy answer for when to seek professional help for clothes hoarding. It is a difficult decision that must be made on a case-by-case basis. Suppose you are in danger of harming yourself or others. If your home is unsanitary, or your hoarding is interfering with your ability to live a normal life, then professional help may be necessary.

Therapy can be very helpful for people who hoard. Cognitive-behavioral therapy, in particular, is effective in treating hoarding disorder. If you are considering therapy, it is important to find a therapist specializing in treating hoarders.

There are also support groups available for people who hoard. These groups can provide social support and practical advice for hoarding disorder.

If you seek professional help for clothes hoarding, several options are available. You can contact your local mental health agency or doctor to find out about therapists in your area who specialize in treating hoarders. You can also contact the International OCD Foundation (IOCDF) at 1-800-600-4822 or visit their website at to find a list of therapies and support groups near you.