How to overcome eye contact anxiety

How to overcome eye contact anxiety

Looking someone in the eye can be daunting, especially if you’re shy or anxious. But making and maintaining eye contact is an important part of communication. It shows that you’re interested and engaged in the conversation. It can also make you seem more trustworthy and confident.

If you’re finding it difficult to make eye contact, you can do a few things to overcome your anxiety. Practice in front of a mirror, make a conscious effort to hold eye contact during conversations, and take breaks if you feel overwhelmed. With a little practice, you’ll make eye contact like a pro in no time!

The science behind eye contact anxiety

When we feel anxious, our instinct is to avoid whatever is causing that anxiety. And for many of us, eye contact can trigger anxiety.

There are several reasons why eye contact can be so anxiety-inducing. For one, making eye contact is a way of establishing dominance or submission in social interactions. When we avoid eye contact, we signal our submissive status to others.

Another reason why eye contact can be so difficult is that it makes us feel exposed and vulnerable. When we look into someone’s eyes, we give them a window into our soul. And for many of us, that feels like too much exposure.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to overcome your eye contact anxiety. Here are a few tips:

1) Practice in small doses. If the thought of making eye contact with someone fills you with dread, start by practicing in small doses. Try making eye contact with people you see daily, like the cashier at your local grocery store. Once you’re comfortable with that, gradually increase the time, you make eye contact with others.

2) Use affirmative statements. When you catch yourself averting your gaze, use an affirmative statement to refocus your attention on making eye contact. For example, you might say to yourself, “I can do this,” or “I am confident.”

3) Breathe deeply. Taking deep breaths before making eye contact can help you relax and ease your anxiety.

4) Smile. Smiling is a nonverbal way of conveying confidence and approachability. So if you’re feeling anxious about making eye contact, try smiling!

How to overcome eye contact anxiety

Eye contact anxiety can be debilitating, preventing you from making friends, advancing your career, and achieving your full potential. The good news is that there are several things you can do to overcome this anxiety. This article will cover some of the most effective techniques for overcoming eye contact anxiety.

Explanation of the technique

When you are anxious about making eye contact, you are likely to blink more frequently and have problems keeping your eyes still. One way to overcome this is to use the “gaze fixation” technique. This involves looking at a specific point on the other person’s face, such as the bridge of their nose, for a few seconds before moving your eyes back to their eyes. This will help you focus and keep your eyes from darting around.

Practice the technique

Eye contact anxiety can be overcome by practicing the technique of making eye contact with people. This can be done in several ways, such as looking at people when talking to them, looking at people in a group situation, or looking at people walking past them. It also helps to practice making eye contact in the mirror.


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